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Opioid & Controlled Substances

North Campus Vermont

2 hours of Opioid/Controlled Substances Continuing Education approved by the Vermont Association of Naturopathic Physicians In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Paul Anderson will cover elements to meet the OPR Opioid/Controlled Substances CE requirements, including: Meaning of DEA Classifications of Legend Substances Abuse and diversion, safe use, and appropriate storage and disposal of controlled substances Use of the Vermont Prescription Monitoring System Risk assessment for abuse or addiction Pharmacological and non-pharmacological alternatives to opioids for managing pain Medication tapering and cessation of the use of controlled substances Relevant laws and regulations concerning the prescription of opioid controlled substance​ Registration Fees Member ND: [...]


Herb / Drug Interaction Continuum

North Campus Vermont

Understanding the Herb / Drug Interaction Continuum and Using Risk Assessment Tools 4 hours of Pharm CE Approved by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine In this 4-hour pre-conference intensive, Dr. Glen Nagel will cover common concerns and risk potential for drug/herb interactions for the naturopathic physician and clinical herbalist. Dr. Nagel will discuss the most common types of interactions and methods of drug detoxification. Dr. Nagel will present a comprehensive five-point system for determining herb and drug interaction risk potential. He will cover the top ten herbs for potential interaction and the top fifteen most common prescription drugs. There will [...]


Student Fund Raiser

North Campus Vermont

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